About Designs Resume

Designs Resume is the only premier full-service online resume writing.In 14 years experience in CV making, we have crafted more than 1.25 Million CV till date makes us preferred CV writing services. We are more than just great resume writers; our seasoned job search strategists are passionate about becoming partners in our clients' career success. When clients come to us for help on their resumes, they not only get the expertise of our professional resume writers, they get inputs and insights from our whole panel of executive recruiters, trainers, education specialists, HR professionals and technology specialists. We believe our clients deserve more than just an exceptionally-written resume; we strive to provide a complete set of tools to give them the professional edge and greater exposure in the marketplace.

We wish to become the first online international solution for resume writing & distribution We are motivated by excellence, which demands we define a path of perpetual improvement. It also requires us to embrace change so our clients are always in the right place when new opportunities open up. Companies want to attract the best talent in the marketplace and we are committed to partnering with our clients to ensure that they have the tools to become top-shelf candidates. Their career search success is our unwavering ambition. We are continually tapping into new markets on the lookout for new technological trends that will put our clients one step ahead of their competitors.

Why us ?

Our methodology is capturing and delivering superior industry expertise and servicing our customers as a team. This model, coupled with our industry-leading resume distribution engine, sets us apart from our competitors. Focused on developing and delivering using our innovative career search strategies and cutting-edge tools, we provide clients with a bundled solution for career search excellence. Every day, we propel enhanced candidacies to hiring managers. We at Designs Resume give our all to achieve ambitious targets derived from expert insights and verified by measurable benchmarks. We stand beside our clients in their search for new opportunities and constantly challenge ourselves to come up with solutions that exceed expectations.